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    HELP! I've got rust in my carbs...

    So after a few sucessful weekends of seadooing this summer.. my 95 xp started bogging down when you went to WOT. It would just loose power and stall out.. So, not being able to remember what i've done to one ski and not the other, I ripped the carbs off of it this afternoon to investigate.. When I unbolted the non fuel pump side of both of them I found an appreciable amount of rust and gunk... This carb looks like it has had the wanderosa overhaul kit installed in it. the rust seem to be mostly coming from the screw that holds the little fuel plunger seat in position and the one that holds the pivoting bar for the arm that operates that plunger. I've never seen this before and I've rebuilt at lest a dozen of these carbs. Should I just replace the screws, as they're not stainless, i'm guessing whatever coating was there originally has come off with age... but I was just looking for a lil confirmation here... any thoughts anybody?


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    are you using ethanol gas from a gas station? if so the alcohol in gasoline with ethanol causes condensation in the tank because alcohol attracts moisture. that could be the source of the water that causes rust in carbs. definately a big problem down here in fl.
    but yes you can and should replace the screws. can even replace them in stainless from local hardware store. just remember stainless is softer than the oem screws keep that in mind when tightening and rebuilding the next time. can also put a small amount of oil in the gas even if running oil injection, the added oil in the carbs will prevent corrosion.

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    I believe gas here in Ontario can be mixed up to 10% with ethanol, but the service station will not tell you the exact amount that it contains... I'm guessing it my vary from delivery to delivery. Have any idea where I could find the dimensions for those screws? besides pulling the carbs back apart and measuring? I think I will be adding a 100:1 oil mix from now on to the gas. just seems like cheap insurance.. I've been considering the oil block off mod for couple years but have so far been of the, 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it mentality' and I guess that came around to bite me in the a**.


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    tuesday i can give you some dimensions when i go through some carbs, ill get you length, thread pitch and diameter. yeah major problem with ethanol. we have a test kit and measured 27% ethanol content from one local station. We use the test kit to determine if a customer is running ethanol gas after we pump the tank, rebuild carbs, and or rebuild an engine. if it contains ethanol after we do the repair and it comes back with ethanol there is no warranty on the work because we put non ethanol gas in the tank and advise the customer not to run ethanol gas. its bad, the ethanol gas causes lean conditions because of the nature of it. alcohol and gas seperate much like a mixed drink does, alcohol on the bottom gas on top. alcohol also burns 1/3 faster so now you need more of it to get ratio correct. most 2 strokes develop a lean sneeze because of being lean at idle. and the moisture in the tank is a real problem.
    best of luck ill get back to you. also quicksilver oil ( essentially mercury marine oil) has a fuel stabilizer mixed in. also helps with the carbs and fuel system.

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    Great thanks! You're a real pal! And here I thought it was just me thinking the drinks were getting stronger towards the end!

    Have a great 4th of July!

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