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    Question 06 RXP stall issue?????????

    well this is what happened today....the first time of the year i get it wet. i just purchased the ski and it has riva stage1, block plates rear hull. bought it from a guy that was very proper ( huge house,viper, brick driveway etc) and told me it was ready to go so i figured it was all good.

    this is what happened

    started on the dime, cleared the no wake zone then gave it throttle, them boom died out. hard time starting it after that , keeping it running, all the typical no start dead ski crap. figured it might of had all the winter crap in it so i stayed out for alitttle trying to go full throttle and see if it cleared up....NOTHING wouldnt start no throttle action home pulled a plug they looked fine so i sad so lost HELPPPPPPP i wanna ride it so bad

    thanks for your help guys

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