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    2008 GTX215, Need Recommendation / Advice

    Recently purchased this 2008 GTX 215 from a good buddy. Had 28 hours on it. He told me and provided the service record when the supercharger went out at 25 hours and was replaced / rebuilt under warranty by dealer. Have to say this was kind of a concern but the ski has a warranty until April 2012 so I figured I was pretty safe.
    So I have the ski on vacation in Tennesee and put about 5 hours on it and get a low oil warning. Check out motor and there is oil all over the front of the engine and on the battery. Start it up and it is spraying oil from the front pump housing (not from a gasket but from the center of the housing, seems like the housing is cracked). Pull the oil filter and there are metal chips on the filter inside corners.
    So here is the question, I am betting that when the supercharger let loose some 7 hours ago the dealer never cleaned out the motor. Some metal probably got into the front pump and contributed to cracking the pump housing. Frankly I want a new motor as I really do not trust this set up now. I have a 2005 RXP215 that I have had lots of experience rebuilding the engine so I do know this motor pretty well.
    Advise / recommendations??? Clearly the dealer will replace the front housing and pump but I am worried about longer term effects to the engine due to the metal in the filter and what is probably still in the engine. Any dealers out there willing to comment on how to handle with BRP?

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    I thought 08 had the metal washers and were good to go?

    Yeah, I'd be real worried about the rest of the block... shivers of ceramic and 7800 rpm don't work well together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cigarlust View Post
    I thought 08 had the metal washers and were good to go?

    Yeah, I'd be real worried about the rest of the block... shivers of ceramic and 7800 rpm don't work well together.
    I am not sure when BRP went to the steel washers but I did put the Riva washers in my 05 RXP after reading all of the horror stories on this site. Maybe I am worried about nothing and the dealer will do the right thing but knowing how most dealers are as well as BRP I just know this will be an uphill battle (my son told me to hold it to the bar and grenade the motor - kid might have a point). I plan to call the original dealer who repaired the supercharger to find out what they are suppose to do when a supercharger goes bad (regarding cleaning out the motor) and what they charged BRP for this repair. I am hoping that there is some kind of procedure they need to follow that is documented. I really do not want to have to deal with this engine failing once it is out of warranty (these motors are huge dollars to repair). Will find out on Tuesday when I drop her off.

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