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    Cool Miami To Bimini Late July 2011 TRIP!!!!!!!!!

    We are headed to Bimini again Late July weather permitting. Its just one of Many weekend runs this summer... All are welcome. Easy and fun 50 mile trip...we are not booking any hotels, were just going and if they have room we might stay if not...well its camping on the beach. We are well seasoned guys with all the survival equipment available including desalinators,GPS,EPIRB,handheld VHF GPS Combos, non perishable food....everything we need to be self sustainable. I would love to get a few more people to come along, so far there is 5 of us dedicated and about 3 more on the fence. If you are serious let me know and we will work out the rally point.

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    When is your next trip after july?

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    God, would I love to become a part of this trip. Here in Coral Springs, FL. but I just don't think my Raider would be a comfort run once you hit the Straights. Would have to think deep about this one but would love it with a bigger and more stable ski.

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    How many days would you be staying for

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