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    No spark on 99 GP800

    I have a 99 GP800 that we just purchased from my in-laws. While out today it was running great. Had one instance where i shut down and could get it to start again but after letting it sit for a few minutes it fired right up. Later on I was running about 25-30 and it just shut down on me. No stutter just dead. Had the wife tow me to shore and started with pulling the plugs to check them and make sure I hadnt sucked in any water. That was fine. I even switched plugs to see if that would change anyting.- Nothing

    Towed the ski back to the ramp and brought it home, Checked for spark by grounding the plug and cranking. I have nothing for spark.

    I'm new to PWC's and know even less about 2 stroke motors. I did a search and came up with nothing that pertained to my situation. So my question is where do I start?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Looks like I may just take it down to the local yamaha service facility. All roads point to the cdi unit being shot. If anyone has any ideas of anything left to check please chime in.

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