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    02 Genesis Vibration

    My kids had our PWC out today and it was running fine. Then all of a sudden they pull up to our pontoon and says it is running horrible and has a vibration. My buddy hoped on it and took it for a quick spin.

    His first thought was bad plug or wire. However he said he thinks it is worse. His thought was it felt like something wasn't fully engaged in the driveline. Think bad u -joint type heavy vibration feel. And yes the display showed it to be in forward completely. My wife who was also on it said she could feel the strong vibration under the seat and in the steerring. It became very apparent at a low speed of 5 mph.

    We babied it back to the dock on the lake and parked it.

    Thoughts? Anything I can check on while it is now sitting on the dock (not in water).

    I think I will need to find someone to work on it. But does anyone have thoughts on what I might be able to confirm or rule out?

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    Look for debris inside the jet pump.

    If jet pump is clear then the next step would be to remove the jet pump and check for failed bearings or impeller blade damage.

    If jet pump and drive line seem fine, check engine compression. If a piston or internal engine bearing has failed it will vibrate and run poorly.

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    Thank you K447;

    Okay, were going back out to the lake today. I will get behind the PWC and look in the pump at the impeller and see if I see anything. It sounds like if it the pump needs to removed its $$$$

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    Found the problem... The eyelet on the plastic reverse arm linkage between the "gate" and the reverse motor cracked and broke at the eye where it attaches to the gate. I have no idea how that happened.

    Am I able by hand , to turn the reverse linkage 180 degree's to facilitate removing the pin and cotter pin on that end of the arm?

    I hope this part is still readily available.. ie get it like on Tues or Wed locally.
    Also do you think I could zip tie the gate up out of the way and still use the machine until the part comes. I just don't see anything suitable to zip tie it to, except for the broken "rod" itself. I think if I made it tight enough it would hold on the rod around the curve of the broken eyelet.

    Is this a common issue, anyone know what might have caused it?

    Here are the 2 pics.

    Attachment 244283Attachment 244284

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    Well, if you can get the two pivot bolts out then you can just remove the entire reverse bucket.

    Use some kind of penetrant to loosen the grip in the bolt threads (not WD-40). Those will be stainless steel bolts, and they don't like to be over stressed. Do not use any sort of impact tool or you risk twisting the heads off the SS bolts.

    Let the penetrant soak in, and tap the bolt heads a few times to help break the threads loose. With some careful working you should be able to back the threads out and remove the reverse bucket. I like PB Blaster and Kroil for getting things unstuck.

    As others have said on the forum, reverse is for girls... I have reverse on both my main watercraft, but it gets used very rarely.

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    That is an idea as well. But I don't think worth the effort. I think I will try to zip tie the bucket up out of the way. Any idea on why it would have broken?

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    Stuff happens.

    The reverse bucket may have banged against a dock or something.

    Or the plastic arm may have just fatigued and failed. It may have been cracked for some time before it failed completely.

    With any PWC the key to reliability is inspections and maintenance.

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