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    2003 Xlt1200

    Are the ride plate inserts a problem on a 2003 XLT1200? Just looked at a ski for sale and noticed that two of the ride plate bolts were loose and extending down below the rideplate. Looked like they just needed tightening but did not look that close.

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    I can't say I have heard of your problem. Sounds like someone has had a 'play' with it, for whatever reason, and not put it back on properly using the correct Locktite.

    What do the 'guru's' think?

    Have not seen a GPR just come loose either, and I ride with a few of them on mine, as well as a couple of XLTs.

    Edit edit. I have seen sponsons come loose on XLs, though, and this one was given a 'fix' twice by 2 seperate guys, and it still fell off and got lost. A second hand one was bought and I rammed slightly oversize stainless steel bolts through it into the inserts using Locktite, but first I put Sikaflex onto the sponson to glue it on as well.
    That fixed it forever.
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