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    Who has the fastest stand up ski??

    I just wanted to know, who on here has the fastest stand up around??

    My mods are included in my sig, and just yesterday I beat a Doo RXT 260 off the line...then he passed me but not after I dusted him..My SJ may only top around 58-59, but it KILLS out of the hole...

    Anyone got a ski faster? I am sure there are some full blown race skis....but I am talking about 93 octane skis that can run all day...

    Not trying to brag, but I even beat my dad's 1390 off the line....120 HP in a 400 lb hull is a lot....

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    a dude in the US dropped an 1100 or 1200 cc in his SJ, it does over 70 i think and those hydrospace setups more than hum along

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    Don't know if you've ever seen this...

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