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    +++++++stx-15f osborne exhaust mod with a slight twist :)++++++++

    Wazzzupers guys,Just di the exhaust mod on the ski but insted of using a aluminum 180 degree pipe i used silicone 180degree bend from fleabay,cleaner look eh?Also put in 3 hours today with no problems/leaks.OH EXCEPT FOR.....i was doing 55+mph red warning light flashed for a second then disappeared,When i looked at the dash it was on SLO mode. turned off the engine immediately and checked the intake grates,grates was clear,checked the pisser for flow rate and it was k ok,disconnected the battery to reset the system and started it it was still on SLO mode.pressed the SLO mode for 10 seconds and still did not do anything pressed mode/select at the same time for faults still nothing.its like the cluster is not reponding nor cycling. Decided to call it a day.At home ran the engine attached the water hose then boom back on FRO mode WTF??is my cluster going out?,also there are some dead pixels on the screen and occasionally i noticed its freezing buttons not responding? Any HELP would be appreciated.

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    its your screen, I don't know why but the 15f ski when the ski gets water in them does some weird stuff. try trading screens with another ski. That silicone pipe looks really clean, nice find.


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