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    Bolt on Power mods?

    I just got back into the ski scene, been out of it since I joined the Marine Corps (2000) and that's behind me now. I bought 2 skis...1998 GP 1200 with new motor with 2,200 in receipts from the overhaul (15 hours) and an XL 1200 with 200 OG hours garage kept it's entire life. Paid 3,500 for the pair with double trailer. I miss the water great to get back out. I searched the forums...Is there any decent bolt on power upgrades out there besides triple pipes that cost well over 2k!?? In due time I can get the
    But that's way off...anything in the mean time I can do. They are both completely stock. Also the GP 1200 to me looks to be painted or has the thinest gel coat I ever scene, which is it?

    Thanks everyone an I'm glad to be alive and back on the water!!!

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    What you are looking for basicly is a Stage II recreational ski. It generally involves a bump in compression to 150 psig, rejetting of the carbs, flame arrestor for better breathing, and an aftermarket CDI for more advanced timing. The last piece of the puzzle is porting, although this is not always used. All of this is going to require a larger impeller to take advantage of the extra power.

    There are also bolt on components which will change the behavior of the hull.... sponsons, trim tabs, thrust nozzle, etc. The ride may change dramaticly depending on weather you want a more stable ride, better turning ability, or top speed. You will find that many components will help in one way (example: top speed) at the expense of the others (stability). In other words you have to make up your mind first what kind of ride you want before you just start buying. Both of your boats respond well to Stage II upgrades and have been completely developed.

    Many of the professional builders have come up with their own "package" that they know when put together will provide extra power as well as be reliable. They may recommend certain hull components that make their package work best.

    If you go with tripple pipes, (Stage III set up) you enter into a different world of speed, but be prepared to be tinkering with your boats a lot compared to the stage II set ups.

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