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Thread: why not honda?

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    why not honda?

    figured I post here to get the real story as apposed to posting in honda forum a buddy has the aquatrax and I am impressed with how smooth that engine runs! looks sharp too! so, it looks and runs great but they dont get to much press, I know they are not in business anymore but why no huge following? what are the drawbacks?

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    They got into the game to late. Not much performance parts. The hull is not supposed to be very good for speed. And I am saying this as a Honda and Acura owner, not up to the same quality standards as their autos.

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    the only thing I didn't like was that every wave you hit slammed into your face but think a spray deflector should eliminate that problem

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    if you are getting into the game ..go with a seadoo or a will be much happier in the end..

    +1 on the above just did ok the time ..and watercraft technology ..has come light years in teh last 4 or much so honda basically got out...

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    hey breon, I am new to the game but have an 05 rxt that I think is great and an 01 1200gpr that I'm having some issues with, prolly the carbs.....thanks!

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    the reason why no honda,

    seadoo = 3 cylinder 4 stroke 1500 cc supercharged making 215-260 hp

    honda = 4 cylinder 4 stroke 1200 cc turbochraged making 165hp


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    [QUOTE=svtnos;1736639]the reason why no honda,

    seadoo = 3 cylinder 4 stroke 1500 cc supercharged making 215-260 hp

    honda = 4 cylinder 4 stroke 1200 cc turbochraged making 165hp

    There is no compairson there! Honda had the Market in 2002 with the F12X Wow a turbo ski.....then Seadoo with the 1500 Supercharged killed the Honda turbo ski....then not making go fast parts for the Honda's really hurt them.....Now they Made a 1500cc ski for 1 year....fixed all the issues they had on previous models...but now everyone is on to 1800cc and plus Honda stopped the production of the 2 seat model, they really shot them selves in the foot

    Take it from me I owned one...had a ton of coin in it......and still was gettin passed......Nothing replaces displacement

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    If I had to peg it on anything... it would be the hydrodynamics of their hull designs. Nice stable ride on a Honda. Problem is that they have a lot of drag and it is difficult and expensive to get them to go fast. Most people seem to chose speed over comfort. I have never owned a Honda PWC and have only ridden on a 12x a few times and never been on a 15. They are not bad looking boats. Doesn't really matter anymore since they are out of the game.

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    chrome plates steel bolts, putting an oil sensor on the bottom of the engine where it corrodes, running sea water through the turbo housing, nickle plated waste gate actuator, plastic exhaust outlet above the pump that melts, the list goes on. they make great cars, bikes, and small engines. but their outboards have absolutely no power and are a pain to take apart, and the jet ski is only good in a fresh water lake.

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