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    Pull of carbs with exhaustpipe? (GTX Ltd -98)

    Hi, i'll try to pull of my carbs for cleaning... and i've read at the forum that the exhaustpipe can remain. Do I have to remove the exhaust? Check the image on the link:



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    no u do not.. actually u would have to pull the carbs to get the exhaust off.. so just pulling the carbs off without touching the exhaust is possible

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    Ok, thanks for the answer. If i only want to clean the fuelfilters in the carb - do I have to pull of the carbs? Or can a reach the filters on the side?

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    Yes you still have to take the carbs off to get to the little filters in each carb. You have to take apart each carb once they are off with the 4 big bolts holding them onto the engine. Just take your time and they are easy to get off.

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