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    New Owner 97 SL1050 - lots of questions

    I've done some reading and I believe I have the fuel lines that are recommended to be replaced:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    As you can see in the pic the wires going into the tank were cut and joined:
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    Are these for the fuel gauge? (The MFD is non-functional, I tried replacing the fuse but still not working)
    And last question for now: There was a loose hose laying on the bottom right hand side of the ski. I traced it to a vent? near the steering column. Where should the end of this be attached??
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks in advance for any help ...

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    yes all the grey lines need to go
    The wires are for the fuel sender
    and can you post a better pic of that hose
    And last but not least WELCOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Yes, those are tempo fuel lines. Replace them asap.

    I would guess that the fuel float had failed (fuel logged and no longer floats) and was causing and error and/or limp mode on the MFD. Most likely connecting the lines like that tricked it in to thinking the tank was full.

    The clear hose is the vent for the battery. If you used a sealed gel or AGM battery, you don't need it. If you use a traditional flooded lead-acid battery, it needs to be vented outside the hull.

    Edit: lugs and BG at neck and neck at the finish!

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    If the MFD is not working then unplug the connector from behind.

    A dead or bad MFD can cause strange engine problems.

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