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    Exhaust manifold Tubro vs non turbo


    I have a broken exhaust manifold. By this problem, I have water infiltration in the oil lubrification system... I find water in my turbo and in the engine oil. I think that during the Winter, some water have stay in the cooling circuit in the manifold...water=freeze=broke ! So, I have to change my manifold, What is the difference between a turbo engine manifold and a non turbo ? Is the same or ? I have a Aquatrax R-12X 2007... I have find many non-turbo manifold on the net but only one turbo ! Thanks

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    They are the same manifold, turbo or non turbo. Just make sure you buy a used one off a fresh water 'ski.

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    If you can see the crack why not get it welded at a shop ??
    Regards Xdrian

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