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    '94 Waverunner 700 has developed a slight miss

    Spent the winter repainting our '94 WR III. Got it all back together & it has been flawless. We live in Colorado & are visiting family in Idaho that live on a lake, so we brought it with us. 2nd day in Idaho, it started to develope a slight miss at full throttle & has gotten a little worse each day on the lake(only at full throttle though).
    I put new plugs in, ran some fuel system cleaner through it & have double/triple checked everything I can think of. We've run about 4 tanks of gas through it & the gas here in Idaho is 87 octane(Colorado is 85), so I don't think fuel is an issue.
    Altitude in Colorado is 5,500 feet, Idaho is 2,500-ish, so I wouldn't think altitude is the culprit.
    Anyone have any ideas?
    Thanks in advance.

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    I dont deal with elevation issues but would think that a 2000 ft change would call for a jet change ,a needle tweek prob wont help to much ..
    what were the condition of the old plugs when you pulled them?..wet?
    check your wires too..

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    The plugs looked fine, just slightly wet. I put them in last fall, so they only have maybe 5-10 hours on them. I replaced them anyway just to eliminate the obvious. It ran a tad better with the new plugs, but the miss is still there. Most of our family who have ridden it don't notice it, but I feel & hear it when accelerating wide open. Plug wires look in perfect shape, but do you have specific method to look for problems?
    Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it.

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    plug wires on our skis are solid core..meaning a twisted strand of wire runs must snip the cable tie off the boot and pull it off to check the end where the plug snaps is generally a spring steel loop that snaps to the plug and at the other end , a 90 deg spike which pierces thru the wire and makes a connection.. it could be rusted away or corroded and making intermitent replacements of ends can be bought at your yami dealer or most older outboard can also use the automotive crimp style as long as you have enough good wire to fold over to make a connection...

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    I'll take a look at the ends, thanks for the tip.

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