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    05 Gscape Turbo F1 code explanation help

    Getting the dreaded F1 codes. I've pulled them one time and there were many so I reset it and went out. Well F1 again. No rhyme or reason (spped/RPM's) when F1 comes on and into limp.
    I read the codes 2x back at the house and this what I got. There was variation in the length of the beep or light all seemed long
    11,7,10,7,10,6,10,7,10,7 and then repeated.
    I didn't have to hold the set and mode buttons just put in the lanyard. Actually I don't have a "set" button on my dash.
    Thanks in advance I'm banging my head on this one.

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    Ok an update these are the codes I got 2x
    10= cam sensor
    8=#4 injector
    6= no #10 or 16
    10= cam sensor
    8=#4 injector
    6= nada
    Since 18 and 15 showed up 2x should I look there first? Also why the 16?
    Thanks, I'm really looking for some help!

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    It sounds like you have an ECU failure.

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