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    95 polaris sl 750 advice please?

    Had 100 psi compression in the PTO cylinder. 120 psi center and mag... Other wise ski ran perfect. Pulled the PTO jug miced the jug found it slightly out of round and alittle over sized. Replaced it with another std jug I had miced good so honed it and replaced the piston and rings with WSM Std put it back together and ran it with pre mix 40 to 1 plus I do run a oil pump. After 4 hrs of use performed a compression check Rear Pto 110 psi , 120 on the other 2 cylinders. Why is my compression still low on that rear cylinder? Any suggestions?

    I did perform a leak test. 1 1/2 " drop after 20 minutes. When I ran the hone the cylinder looked clean no high or low spots and I pulled the heads back off last week to inspect the piston wash. That cylinder looks great and the wash looks good too on all cylinders. Yes Im running a triple mikuni and the carbs are fresh rebuild... The ski runs perfect... 50 mph on MFD.... Was just out yesterday... Crouded a bit on holiday weekend but ski ran great!

    For those of you who know me my bogging issue from last week was carb issue... Its been fixed and runs perfect again...

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    Could be a few reasons.

    1. Were the rings borken in properly?

    2. Is there excessive clearance between the piston and cyl or rings?

    3. Thicker base gasket than the others

    4. Are all the pistons the same brand and size?

    5.Was there any head work done?

    6. What head are you using? 750's used 2 different sizes. 1 being lower compression then the other. (1993 used a larger bowl than the 94 and newer which gave it lower compression)

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