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    Kawi 750 Engine - Typical Oil Usage?

    Hey guys, I picked up a bit of a deal over the winter ('93 Kawi 750SS and '96 Polaris 780 SLX w/ trailer for $200 lol ) and just fired up the Kawi today. This is the first time I've ever worked with a 2-smoke ski but I'm learning quickly.

    So, on with the Kawi which actually runs right now.

    My fears fall on the damn oil injection pump. I know it's injecting because everything in the carbs, cylinders, plugs, etc all look good and the ski ran fantastic for almost 5 hours today. But I'm still leery about the injection system. The oil level went down maybe .5"-.75" over the course of an entire tank of fuel. Does that seem reasonable? Too little?

    I checked the lines from the oil tank to pump to carb and there's no leak, everything looks fine. Still considering an oil block plate and going to pre-mix. What's your opinions?

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    The oil injection pumps are extremely reliable. Millions are in use and I've never heard of on failing. It's the hoses that get old, split, leak, or fall off. It you replace those with polyurethane hose and secure them properly with stainless safety wire, you'll be fine.

    The only way to really measure oil usage is to mark the reservoir, ride it a few hours, fill the gas and fill the oil back to the line and compare volumes. The ratio should be about 50:1. In the meantime, if you're worried, you can mix some oil with the fuel until you get a good number for consumption.

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