to check all your hoses clamps and couplers before each ride.So I went out today and rode for a few hours with the wife and a storm was moving in so we decided to head back to the ramp.I made a few speed runs and managed my best of 74.1,fastest run yet.While coming down to cruising speed and about 3 miles from the ramp the hi temp alarm starting going nuts so I shut it down.Popped the seat off and man was she hot,with water in the hull.I couldnt tell where it was coming from and everything was too hot to reach in and start pulling and prodding around,so I had my wife pull me with the trusty VXR back to the ramp.By this time its raining its ass off with lighting everywhere.Turns out the water line from my pump to the strainer came off.Luckily no damage done but what a pain in the ass.Thats what I get for doing a half ass once over before hitting the water.Lesson learned!