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    slt bogs at beginning of acceleration..

    So with the help of all you guys my slt 750 is running on the water now! my only issue now is that the mag cylinder (closest to the fuel pump right?) I believe is flooding out. When the ski is at idle speed on the trailer I can see gas shooting up from the cylinder. When I go to take off the ski wants to bog down and die until its given full throttle then it kicks back. I had to adjust these carbs quite a bit from factory just to get it running without dying since installing the triple pump. Any suggestions? Also after checking the plugs they should be a nice brown color right? White is dangerous from what I understand?

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    MAG cylinder is nearest front of hull.

    PTO cylinder is rearmost cylinder.

    You can see fuel shooting where?

    Is there a cloud of fuel mist above the carburetor intake opening?

    One carb more than another? If so, that suggests the intake reeds are damaged on that cylinder.

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    Yeah the PTO cylinder (when the air box is removed) is shooting little drops of gas about 4 inches above the carb. The other 2 cylinders are not doing this. Are you talking about the reed valve under the carbs? I ran the ski like this really hard for about an hour and a half today. Didn't seem to effect much aside from the get up and go when I first hit the throttle. This isn't potentially damaging is it?

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    If 1 carb is spitting bad (they all spit a bit) that usually does mean the reeds under the carbs are bad.

    Damaging, no. Performance issues (like you're having) yes.

    Ride it today, but tear it down tomorrow.

    Inspect the reeds and replace if damaged. And while you're that far into it, rebuild the carbs if you haven't done so already. But ONLY use Mikuni carb parts.

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