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    Can PV failure cause stalling?

    Hello all,
    I have an 02 gp1200r that I recently did a complete motor rebuild. New crank, top end, seals, pressure tested, and carbs rebuilt two years ago by IR. I noticed my PV motor is not cycling which hopefully explains the bogging on the low end and mediocre top end. The other day, I was cruising at around 6000 rpms when the motor just died. I don't think it was a lean seizure because it fired right up after this happened. The starter did not struggle to turn it over. Compression readings front to rear are 111, 111, and 104. This is using my cheapo Harbor Freight gauge and only three hours on motor since rebuild so I'm hoping the numbers will go up. My question is whether the PV servo failure could cause the stalling while cruising? I'm wondering if the exhaust gases are backing up into the cylinders and starving them for clean air? I'm going to look into the tank flapper too, but was wondering if anyone else experienced something similar. Thanks!

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    no not working power valves will not cause your engine to stall at cruising speed, To me it sounds like a seizure, Pull the head and check that rear cylinder for a slight seizure.

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    I was afraid to hear that, but thanks.

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    One more thing.... I did check plug color after taking it out the first time after rebuild. The plugs were a nice medium brown. And I had the rear cylinder adjusted an extra half turn out on the highs because I read it has a tendency to run hotter.....

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    do you have the stock air intake and jetting?

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    No, running Pro K's and whatever jetting IR uses. I asked what jets they put in, but never got a response.

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    And the carbs were jetted for the Pro K's. My next step is to pull the head, then carbs, and check the internal filters unless anyone else has a better suggestion.

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    Well, it looks like #2 has very minor scuffing. The other two look great. Just glad I found it before burning it up again. I'm thinking the oil may be causing the issue possibly? PJ1 Goldfire Synthetic.....Worked great for dirtbikes I had, but I'm thinking this may be the cause. I'm going to replace all the filters to be safe. Where are the internal filters found inside the carbs. And yes, I've read the threads, but don't want to risk disturbing gaskets looking for them.

    And for the powervalve issue....I found that once I disconnected the cables, I couldn't turn the pully by hand. When I rebuilt it, the valves were cleaned and added the SBT arms. I found that the PV shaft on #1 was off center and causing the arm to bind while rotating. I fixed that, but the servo motor still doesn't want to operate. It only turns slightly then shutters. Still have to test it according to the manual, but I'm guessing it's most likely bad.

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    Can anyone tell me where the microfilters are located inside the carbs? I don't want to tear everything apart looking for them since they were just rebuilt. Thanks.

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    Nevermind, found it on the microfiche. Overlooked it the first time.

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