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    problem with my jetski

    i have a kawasaki ultra 150 its starting out the water as i start it the warning light and battery light flashes but then goes off when started same in the water but when its in water just seems like theres no power and doesnt go over 4000 revs and goes really slow can any 1 please help me thanks

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    Battery light thing is normal for Ultras, on when starting, off once started.
    Now the 4000 RPM is your only running on 2 cylinders. Easy to find if it spark related is ride for a few min the feel which cylinder is cool to the touch, thats the dead one.
    Hopefully its just a bad sparkplug.
    If not, then a compression test is in order, all 3 cylinder should be around 120 to 145 psi and no more than 10% difference.
    If you find a bad one (ie no or very low compression) you will have to pull the head and determine what happened.

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