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    use a 05 supercharged longblock in a 03 supercharged gtx

    Found an 05 supercharged longblock for sale. Was wondering if I can use this longblock in my 03 supercharged gtx. From what i have read I think the longblock internal parts are the same on the supercharged models 02-05 but just wanted to make sure before i check on purchasing it. I plan on using all the external parts off of my engine plus the flywheel, magneto,starter, etc. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks Chad

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    What did the 05 come from? 185 and 215 motors have different tooth count on drive and driven gears for s/c'er and the 215 has forged pistons. Dowel pin in the crank will be in the right place,so u won't have to drill a hole in the trigger-wheel. As long as the 05 was a s/c'ed unit u should be fine.

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    05 engine is just the long block. doesnt have the supercharger or flywheel with it. The supercharger is driven by the flywheel so i was assuming that as long as i use my flywheel and supercharger off my 185 gtx it should work. But i may be missing something though. The 05 is a supercharged unit.

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