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    300X, any long distance trips?

    Hey everyone. Well I will go ahead and put it out there, that I currently have a 2010 Seadoo RXT-X 260 which has been a good ski, but prior to that, I had my 08 SHO Cruiser which I took alot of trips on and it held up equally as well. Yes, I went with the 260X knowing that it did not have much storage, but now its getting to me. I do enjoy the speed and hull on this ski, but NO storage. I guess I would like to hear some of your inputs on this ski as far as distance trips. Yes I know it has PLENTY of off-shore capbilities, but how about lets say a 100mile or 400mile trip. I am leaving for a 3 day 400 mile trip on my Seadoo on the 15 and plan on trading when I return. I am either going to go back to yamaha or really like the looks of the 300X. How water-tight is the front storage compartment and on a average or lets say, cruising at 40-45 mph, would you say you can get in distance out of a full 20 gals of gas. Just a little help guys and this would be my first KAWI. Thanks.

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    i do those size trips all the time the front storage is 100% dry after you apply sealing tape too the top section of the removable storage box (same tape thats underneath it) you can also strap your fuel on the back and once used you can then put the empties in the storage compartment its huge. good luck stay away from the yammy you would be more than happy with the 300.

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    I have been watching the fuel consumption on ours and it seems routine to get between 4-4.5 mpg depending on how hard you go... that number is with a good amount of cruising in the 30-40 mph range and some wot fun! My RXPX seems to get about 1 mpg more than the Kawi on average.

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