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Thread: adjusting idle

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    adjusting idle

    99 XL1200, I am breaking in the engine. I'm on the back end of it. When running my idle jumped from 1500 to 3000. I response post said check the throttle stop screw. It did manage to come loose. So now I am trying to set my idle to 1200. I am either getting no RPMS or still 3000. This is out of water so I know it will drop with load. My question is should I try to achieve the RPMS with throttle screw or adjusting throttle cable first. I really havent had any luck tryihng to get 1200 adjusting the cable. I was thinking turn the throttle stop screw all the way to the right ( have throttle cable loose) then just back off of it until i reach 1200, any ideas?

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    Adjust the idle stop screw. 3000 out of the water might be about 1200 in the water.

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    I just tried to adjust it using the cable..... it didn't work. Seems my alzheimers kicked in and while I had the carbs on the bench I installed the throttle linkage upside down ..... at any rate. I got the idle working right on the ski and in the water (cold) but after it ran awhile it must have streched and the ski started stalling out again. I just pulled them yesterday again and did the job right.... Good Luck!

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    What I did, I loosened the throttle cable all the way. Then I screwed the throttle stop screw (right) all the way in. This game me 3K RPMS out of water. I then tightend the throttle cable. So when I put it in water. I can just loosen the Throttle stop screw and this SHOULD/HOPE get the 1200 Im looking for.

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    Is it the same for 800? I have been looking for the screw, cant see it/find it?! Mine doesnt stay running cause it idles at 850-900 when started (in water) and unless i give it gas it dies immediately. It should be around 1300, is that correct?

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