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    1999 Polaris 1050 Ignition Update Kit

    So, had a '99 SLX develop a no spark condition this weekend. Started with a single cylinder. By the time we were able to diagnose the problem, lost spark on all three cylinders. Open circuit across the grey and black wires. Sounds like it's time for the ignition update kit. My question is, many sites are now saying part #2873356 is discontinued. Is this true? I'll start calling parts suppliers tomorrow. Just seeing if you guys knew anything about this. Thanks!

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    I am curious as what the difference between that kit and the 2873091 kit is? That kit is available

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    Arrow What is the difference between the 2873356 Ignition Update Kit and the 2873091 Kit?

    Quote Originally Posted by BryanP View Post
    I am curious as what the difference between that kit and the 2873091 kit is? That kit is available
    2873356 update kit (1999 900 & 1050 engines) has stator with cable exit at the top of the stator housing (large rubber grommet). 1999 was the first year for this stator housing configuration. From 2000 onwards I think this became the standard stator housing.

    2873091 is the same CDI and stator except the cable exit is on the side near the starter motor. This update stator matches the cable routing and grommet of the original 1996-1998 stators on the 900 & 1050 engines.

    Other than the configuration of the cable exit grommet the two kits are otherwise the same.

    If you want to use the other kit then you will need to re-work the cable to fit your existing grommet configuration, or change the flywheel front housing to the other style.

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