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    Prep for the St. Claire Gathering

    So today I finally had a chance to pull the skis in the garage and take care of a few things in preparation for the Gathering.

    Top of the list was finger throttles. We went out last week for about 1 1/2 hours and the wife said her hand was really tired. I mentioned finger throttles and she said buy 'em. I got a couple of PJS throttles from Zigler and got those put on.

    Next was piston wash. The 780 has has always seemed lean on the MAG. I've turned out the high screws but still had little to no wash. As I was doing the throttle I decided to just make sure all the intake bolts were secure. Lo and behold, the the crown nuts on the studs for MAG were loose. I probably got at least 2 full turns out of the them. In fact, all the crown nuts seemed to take some extra turns. So, I'm pretty confident I found my air leak and should be in good shape.

    On the 750 PTO was a little lean, CEN was very rich, and MAG was just right with a little more than 1/2 extra turn out. I have Ocean Pro Vortex F/A's. I made some slight adjustments and should be set on this one.

    I went under the skis and found the intake grate screw on the 780 was loose. Whew, that would have been bad news to lose that one.

    The ride plate on the 750 was bent a little and the leading edge on the port side was about 3/16" below hull level. I'm sure that was scrubbing off a little speed. I pulled that off and straightened it in the vise, scraped all the old silicone and reseated it.

    I also did some minor work on the trailer lights and wenches.

    At this point I think the skis will be ready to ride at Lake St. Claire. We're less than 3 weeks away guys! Get those skis ready and lets rip some water.


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    So where's everyone meeting??????

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