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    96 sl1050 won't start

    Last year when the kids finished riding the 96 sl1050 ski it sounded like it was misfiring slightly.
    I have a 3 seater 97 sltx 1050 also and it would go faster than the 2 seater sl 1050.
    So i read on here that the ignition may need to be updated. I bought the updated stator and cdi box. I thought originally that i would tackle this project but then put it off too long and decided i should take it to a shop to get it done.
    It ran pretty good when i put it away, 50 mph or so with no hesitation.
    Well they said it would be $300 to put stator and cdi box in.
    I reluctantly agreed. They called about a week later and said that it was ready but it would be $700.
    I said what the F, the secretary said that after the mechanic installed the stator and cdi that it wasn't running properly so they put new plugs, wire caps and a battery in it and that it looked like someone had been messing with the wiring.
    I never touched anything on it when i put it away last fall and he was the first one to have it when i brought it out of storage.
    Anyway i get it home and started it in driveway for 30 secs before taking it to the lake. It ran but really didn't have the snap to it.
    Here's where i f'd it up a bit, it had half a tank of gas from last year that i didn't add stabilizer to, so i took it up town and filled it up with high test, $40 worth.
    So we get it to the lake and my son goes out about a 1/4 mile and it bogs and quits. He gets it running but it wouldn't even get up on plane. I go out and tow him in with the other ski. Get it on trailer and try to start it. I managed to get it running for about 5-10 secs by dumping fuel in the cylinders. That is the last time i got it to start.
    It has spark with all the plugs in. It has 120+ psi in all cylinders. I emptied the gas tank and put new gas in. Put new plugs in. Dumped fresh gas in the carbs and or cylinders, while i was doing this i kept the battery charger on the battery to keep it up.
    It did backfire a bunch of times.
    So i figure it ran with the old stator and cdi so damn it i'm puttn the old ones back in to see if it will run. Nothing, at best it back fires the odd time when we put gas in the cylinders. F F F F F....
    Man i thought if you had compression, spark and fuel (air) anything should run.
    I am going to put the new stator and cdi back in it.
    What else do i need to do or check for??? Only thing i guess i didn't check was timing, but don't have a clue how to do that.
    It's a decent ski and can't let this damn thing beat me...

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    You changed the CDI and stator back to the old versions?

    Note that you cannot mix and match between old and new ignition systems. Keep old with old, new with new.

    Be sure to check everything. Ohm check ten ignition coils and also confirm good grounding.

    When the stator was changed each time was the flywheel woodruff key properly installed? Red Loctite used on the crank taper?

    My current suspicion is that the flywheel has spun on the crank snout and the ignition timing is way off.

    Sometimes the PTO and CEN cylinders can get their firing order reversed. Keep this in mind in case it turns out to be a simple firing order problem. MAG cylinder never changes in the firing order.

    One way to confirm cylinder timing is to run one cylinder at a time. Each cylinder should run the engine by itself (not great, but it should run equally badly on each cylinder).

    You may be dealing with multiple problems, so be prepared for some diagnostics.

    Background questions.
    Does this engine still have the original gray Tempo brand fuel lines?
    Have the carburetors ever been rebuilt?
    Correct spark plugs installed?

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    Yes it still has the original gray fuel lines. I will change those.
    I did change the stator and cdi back to original, i was pissed at this point and figured it ran with those before so maybe it had something to do with the new ones but something else must have happened at the same time.
    Carbs haven't been touched since i have owned the machine, 5 years now.
    The flywheel key looked to be good and thought it was installed properly.
    Just off the top of my head i think the new spark plugs were BR8ES or BPR8ES.

    I will start by changing fuel lines and putting new stator and cdi back in.

    Ok couple of things, after i got the ski back from mechanic and decided to put old stator on i forgot to explain that there were 2 little screws laying inside the housing floor!!
    I have the old stator off and figured those 2 screws went on the plastic bushing type thing, what is that for? Just a spacer? Can't figure out why they were just laying in there.
    I also looked closer at the magnet and it almost looks like it has spun inside the flywheel about a 1/8th or 1/16th of an inch, didn't see that the first time. Is that normal or except-able ?
    I took pictures and will try and figure out how to post them.
    I took a picture of the keyway too and it looks good.

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    K , think i got the pictures to load, had to disable some setting in my profile.
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    FFFF.... i've been reading and just realized those 2 screws were to adjust the timing!!! When he put the new stator in he must have messed with the timing and didn't tighten the damn screws or something.
    We tried starting it all that afternoon, not sure how long those screws were loose in there.
    I am just a wanna be mechanic and know very basic shit.
    Damn it. I hope i didn't f up the new stator.
    We put the old stator in without those screws too. F'n retards.
    Now i have lost one of those screws. Gonna have to do more reading and find out what size that screw is so i can go buy one, where to put them in the slots for the timing (looked like they were screwed in 2 different spots) or how to set the timing. And how to check the stator to make sure it's still good.
    Wow can't believe it. Think i'll go throw up...

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    Man i got it running!!! Found another #4metric screw and lined them up with the old marks and it fired right up.
    Don't know how close the timing is to being right but it seemed to have some snap to it in the garage.
    Won't be able to get it on the water till the weekend.
    My lack of mechanical skills wouldn't have allowed me to figure it out without the great amount of information available here on this site.
    Thanks k447, i used that video to start it after i put everything back together. I just hooked up the mag cylinder and it fired right up, put the other 2 spark plugs back in and it seemed to run really good.

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