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    sl900 died - no spark

    i put a new battery in and started riding this past friday, about an hour in i was doing some spins and jumps and the displayed flashed and the motor died. i opened the seat and the battery and electrical box had come loose. when i moved them i saw an obvious spark.
    i got towed back and started checking things and noticed no spark on any cylenders.
    can some someone hold my hand and walk me through the stator/ cdi/ ignition checking. i am somewhat handy and have used a multimeter to test other engines but am a little confused by this.
    also, i am pretty sure i have the updated parts cause my cdi box has the hand written parts number on it.
    thanksfor any imput.

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    My guess is that the electrical box shell shorted to the battery posts and some of the Black ground wires have burned.

    Disconnect the battery and examine all the thin Black wires for signs of damage. Open the electrical box and check inside there too.

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    thanks, i will look those over again, should have some time tonight after work. i do still have my display and the motor turns over but will check the grounds.
    also, i noticed when i opened the box saturday that a short tan wire was loose inside. it comes from outside the box and runs alone from the front of the motor(stator?). can't tell if it came loose when i opened the box because it is so short or if maybe it was the problem. i tried connecting it back to an open place on the panel labeled "tan". is this right? didn't make spark come back though. thx.

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    That tan wire is for the overheat sensor.

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    There are free service manuals here:

    Great documentation on your request: stator/ cdi / ignition checking

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    got it running

    assumed the worst and missed the obvius. one of the plug wires had been pulled loose when the elec box moved. wasn't untill i pull the cap all the way off that i noticed. cut end of wire and reattached anf fired up. i'm confused hy i had no spark on the other cylenders as well? runnin now though.thnks again

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