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    1993 Polaris slt 750 no spark

    I have a 93 polaris slt 750. It has a new battery and turns over fine but I cannot get spark to the plugs. I can pull a plug out and check for spark and after a couple of trys it will start running on just 2 cylinders and getting good spark to the pulled plug. But when I shut it down and reinstall the plug it will not start. It also has the digital display that will show HOT. I have pulled the thermostat and used cold water but it still flashes hot. Is there a way to reset the display? Will the HOT interlock and keep the motor from getting spark? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    You may have more than one problem happening.

    Make very sure the battery is delivering more than 10.6 volts while cranking the engine. A weak battery will cause problems.

    The HOT message means something is wrong with the Tan wires or the temp sensor itself. Disconnect the battery and open the electrical box. Unplug the Tan wire that comes from the temp sensor.

    Reconnect battery, but make sure the electrical box shell does not touch the battery posts.

    Is the HOT warning now gone? If yes, either the temp sensor itself is bad or the Tan wire to the sensor is shorting to ground somewhere.

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