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    Lost some RPM's...

    So I went from the mods listed below and switched to s RIVA toploader grate and no nosecone, removed the speedfreaks cone because it had come loose again, only this time It pretty much got eaten away by my shaft.
    RPM's went from a solid 8100 to 7950 maybe hitting 8000
    Would the nosecone do this much? or the grate?

    Also relocated my catch can from the engine mount to a hull mount because the vibration of the engine very little came out of the catch after a tank of fuel, gas/water mix, hardly any oil...

    I am going to get another nosecone, I think that it helped, just this time i am going to do even more to make sure it cant move. What have others done to seal it in, I'm thinking JB weld...

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    Id say it was the intake grate, put more load on the impeller.

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