I am going to be fitting a Mini Rude S/C in the next couple of weeks, I am just waiting on my RRFPR to arrive. My engine set up will be as below

2007 RXP

Mini Rude
RRFPR on Danny’s Rail
Riva ECU
Riva Full Valve Train
Riva Injectors 50’s
Fizzle Intercooler with bleed off
4” Rear Air
Catch Can
Open Loop Cooling
O2 in J-Pipe

I am sure someone on this forum must have the same or something very similar to me and I am looking for a good start point for the fuel pressure at idle.

I also have a Rude Controller, which I am thinking about fitting with the set up possibly after I have got the above dialled in and tried the ski. If anybody has a Map for the Rude Controller which would match my set up this would also be helpful as a base to start with if I fit the controller.

What are your thoughts on the Rude Controller with my set up, do you think I may be fitting something which is not really need to such a low level set up?

Any help on any of the above would be appreciated.