I am trying to find a replacement intake grate for my 2006 seadoo challenger 180. Unfortunately we have been out enjoying the 4th of July weekend on the boat having a great time when we accidentally sucked up the towable rope through the intake wrapping around the drive shaft. I was later able to get the rope out by cutting it but when I got under there I notice the incident had broken off the last three inches of one of the three grate forks. This makes that space for something foreign to pass pretty large. Trying to find an intake grate for my boat and does anyone know how easy or hard it is to replace that grate. Seems like it wouldn't be hard but I read somehwhere else that they were having problems with some bolts and access.

I know rookie move...should have checked first but I was busy helping kids in and out and had thrown the line out but by the time I got my little guy in the towable and went back to start up the boat it must have moved under.