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    Sand and Debris filter kit help needed on my RXTX 2008 model

    I have just bought the Sand and Debris filter kit for my Seadoo RXTX 255 2008 model. I am not very good and mechanical work with only a limited knowledge but I would like to install this kit myself. From what I can see the kit is installed inline on the incoming pipe feeding the IC. What I would like to know before I start is if I insatll this kit is any extra pipe needed or is there enough length on the OEM pipe in the machine. And also the IC has to cooling pipes going in to it at the the rear, one top pipe and one bottom pipe. Qustion is what pipe is the icoming line and also the pipe does not seem long enough to reach the filter kit where I can mount it.

    If anyone has any detailed instructions on how to insatll this kit on my craft with some pictures I would be most grateful


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    Anyone ??????

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    It's in the "How to" section.

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    here's what i did after looking over the how to's and ski plumbing . . . i mounted the strainer right below the rear seat directly across from the coolant resevoir. for plumbing, i pulled the the 3" long hose/tee fitting off the thru hull pump fitting and ran a new 3/4 inch diameter hose down to the pump (incoming water supply) and attached to strainer "in". from stainer "out", i ran another 3/4 inch diameter hose back down to the 3" hose/tee fitting - to make the 90 degree bend, i used a 90 degree plastic tee fitting on the end of the 3" piece of hose. seems to work good, strainer is easy to get to and all incoming water is strained, not just the intercooler water. hope that explanation helps . . .

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