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    Bought a 97 SeaDoo SPX 800 and found out the oil type/mix ratio is wrong - advice?

    So I bought a pair of Skis and a double trailer last week - a 97 SeaDoo SPX 800 with a new motor from last august, and a 95 Polaris SL650. I had compression checked on both, 165 on each cylinder on the Seadoo and 127 on all 3 cylinders on the Polaris. Paid $2500 - hope that was a good deal.

    So, on to my question. As I picked up the skis the guy was running through the 'how-tos' on them and stated that the Seadoo was running premix and to use TC-W3 oil at a 50:1 ratio (also we were at his mechanic's shop to do the exchange where I had the mechanic do the compression test etc and the mechanic confirmed to use 50:1 tc-w3 oil) - the tank is currently full and that is what is in there now (pennzoil I believe). I did test ride the ski before buying and had it to the lake once but only ran it for 20 minutes or so and everything was fine, but when I got home and took the seat off I noticed a sticker said to NOT use NMMA TC-W3 oil under any circumstances and to only use a low ash seadoo approved PWC oil. I know walmart carries Quicksilver oil that is listed as PWC oil that specifically says it is not NMMA TC oil. My first question is - should I be using that oil or is it OK to in fact use TC-W3 oil? Second question is, should I switch to a 40:1 premix ratio and if so, will it harm the engine to run through this tank of gas with the 50:1 tc-w3 oil? I don't know how many hours are on the current engine - it was replaced last season toward the end (august which is still a good month and a half of lake time here in SC), and probably a bit this year so I'm guessing < 25 hours on the motor.

    Basically I'm just looking for advice on what to do with the Seadoo for the moment, thanks!

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    drain the oil and replace it with seadoo xps synthetic oil

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    It's premixed with the gas in the gas tank and it's a full tank (no idea how much a full tank is - 9 gallons on this model?) I don't have any way to drain the gas from the ski I don't think - is it really necessary? Many tanks have been run through with this mix/oil - will 1 more hurt or should I seriously consider finding a way to get this oil/gas out of the ski? Also, where is the cheapest face to find the proper oil? I did look at amazon and 2 stroke seadoo xp-s synthetic oil is crazy expensive.

    Edit: Would it be good at least to get some PWC oil and just add a little bit to the existing gas tank to bring the mix ratio up a bit? I'm taking the ski to the lake this weekend, the other option is to just get the right kind of oil and premix 5 gallons with the new ratio, run 5 gallons out of the Ski and then add in the 5 gallons of new gas + oil combo. Also not sure how having 2 different types of oil in the tank at the same time would affect the Ski though.

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