if you have read any of my other poste im converting a carb 787 to efi using microsquirt fuel injection with fuel injectors in the 40mm throttle bodies instead of in the cylinder transfer ports like the rfi. Im not after power gains or anything just a good running ski that starts everytime, no loading up in no wake zones, without the troubles of the rfi ski's.
ive mostly got the setup done, now just thinking about the oiling issue. whats the thoughts with logical reasons to back them up. run premix that way the entire fuel system has the correct amount of oil in it, or run the factory oil injection system? or run a hybrid of both? by hybrid i mean run premix, and run the oil injection system to lube the rotary valve and crank bearings. just thinking out loud since the fuel injection is delivering fuel when the rotary valve is open there isn't much fuel and oil that will be actually spraying onto or hitting the rotary valve surface. I was going to put oil injection points into the rotary valve cover so that it directly lubricates the valve and its cover. then was thinking to put fittings in the cases that would feed the crank bearings 2 stroke oil. should have everything covered. then the premix would take care of the wrist pin, and piston lubrication.

i mean ive yet to see a rfi fail because of an oiling issue, they usually don't last that long coming into the shop anyways. Mostly full of water and seized because people flush them wrong.

some of the other reason for thinking of this is right now i don't have a way of atatching the oil injection cable to my throttle bodies. Working on resolving that situation.