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    Set Trim w/ No QSTS?

    I don't have the twist grip to control my QSTS on my '97 gp1200, looks as if the only cable that exists is the one that when pulled would drop the nozzle. I was told by the previous owner that a bicycle style brake lever could be easily used to pull it to drop the nozzle for turning or to trim it down for more torque.. and have heard of others doing so, but when released would the trim return to its top end setting (are the springs strong enough)? Also, while released, what would keep it in one position while riding, not just bouncing up and down? Right now I have the piece that turns in the rear of the hull zip tied to not move in either direction.. Any tips are appreciated, I'd just like to be able to trim down if needed or adjust and set it in a couple of different positions quicker/more convenient than cutting/re-positioning zip ties if I'll be towing a tube or a 2nd rider is with me.. Thanks!

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    well just bear with me here for a minute... I don`t think the nozzle will return back to desired position. The lever drop system is no longer avail from Riva. That could have been a start with the lever assy and spring loaded tensioner...
    i had thought about something similar before and saw this set up a few years agon on the 3D model seadoos... maybe this would give you an idea, if nothing else...

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    QSTS is is the factory twist grip its on the left handle. its for setting nozell angle.
    If you have the RIVA system it is two plates (1 per side),With a center bar and return springs..a Bike or Moto cross handle would actuate it...There is no lock normally used with this because As you squeese the handle it lowers the plates and causes the nose to dive..This is ideal for Closed Course racing..
    you could, if you have this, get the plates to set lower semi-permanantly by placing a spacer where the handle pivots there by lowering and holding the plates down.. you could also make a strap to where the bell crank lever ataches at the cable end, too an upper pump bolt, thereby fixing the plates depth... (you could make it adjustable with a longer stap and extra adjusting holes)

    It is possible this has the drop nozzel popular with the gpr's and if so ,dont you have to remove the QSTS ??

    get us some picture so we can help more clearly..

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