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    SL780 oil level and limp mode

    Hello, I am getting my waverunner ready to go out in a week or 2 and last year I had to cut open the MFD to repair it. After riding it a few times some moisture got into the MFD and now the Oil level is reading empty. My question is if the MFD is what actually sends a signal to put the ski into limp mode or if it only reads the information it sees. I think the oil level sender is still good, but I am not sure. Is the oil tank difficult to remove to check it?

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    Can you simply look at the oil tank to see the liquid oil level inside?

    The MFD does indeed send the RPM limit signal to the engine. You would need to check whether Low Oil is one of the conditions that triggers RPM limit on your model/year.

    Note that water inside the MFD can cause weird engine symptoms, separate from any Low Oil signal. My advice is to unplug the MFD connector until you have a fully working MFD.

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