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    97' Wave Venture cutting out at 1/2 to WOT.


    1st post, looking for some help. I recently inherited a 97' 1100 Wave Venture. The ski had not been started for probably 3 - 4 years. I had a new battery installed, carbs rebuilt, and I pulled the motor and installed both front / rear oil seals (should have took apart the top end, but was anxious to get it in the water - lesson learned). The motor is rough, but it ran fine for a couple of days (top end around 50 mph).

    Here is the problem I have - it runs fine a low speeds at 1/2 or WOT the engine cuts out / misses. I noticed it cutting out yesterday and it used almost a full tank of oil. Any thoughts? The plugs are black and oily, I replaced them and it ran fine for about 30 minutes and started missing again.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Thoughts anyone?

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