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    1996 XP Question

    Kind of a crazy question but I was just wondering If 96 XP 800's are usually horrible on fuel. Mine seems to go through crazy amouts in short amounts of time on the water. Just checking to see if this normal for this ski. Thanks.

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    pay to play my friend. it depends on how you ride...balls out, yes it will eat fuel. cruising...not bad but still eats fuel but you can make it maybe 40 miles.

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    i thought the same about my 951.. and yea if ur in it, it suucccks gas.. baby it and you can make it last alot longer

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    even my 720's drinks fuel pretty quickly..

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    Not worried about the money aspect, Was checking to see if I was using too much fuel some how either a leak or something else. Even when i seemed to baby it she still sucked the fuel down.

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