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    900 zxi solenoid

    I have a 95 900 zxi that has been running great. I went to start it today, it turned over once, now all I get is a click,click. I tried using my truck battery thinking it might be my battery and still click, click.
    I would appreciate any help. I need to get it running in 2 days.


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    battery voltage on one post, attach a voltmeter to the other post and push the start button, was the voltage reading at battery voltage ?

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    I have had same issues, but it is intermittent. 2 weeks ago, ran fine, but then went to start after small break, nothing. Towed it home, checked battery, everything fine. Then it started fine. Ran 2 days ago for a bit then simply died. Sometimes a small start, sometimes nothing. Suspecting bad electrical connections inside the box.

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    Not this again!

    Clean the battery terminals, clean the connections on the other end of the cables, charge the battery, replace the battery if charging doesn't work.

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