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    Overheating issue

    Finally got my Impeller and wear ring replaced on this 95 Sp I have been battling for 2 months now. Got it on the water Saturday. Ran great for about 30 minutes or so. Noticed it started slowing down and then the buzzer sounded. Pulled it in to discover the clear lines from the pipe had melted. The main water inlet hose had come loose. Made a quick trip to a parts store to get new lines and adapter to keep the line from coming off again. Put it on the water again got hot really quick and pulled it in again. Pipe lines had melted again but now it won't start. Once I get the top end straightened out what do I look for to fix the overheating issue? Can I put compressed air into the inlet nipple on the pump housing?

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    When you get it running again I guess you need to figure out if a lean condition is causing the heat problem or lack of cooling water. Once you eliminate lean condition as a problem I would run it on a garden hose and see if water is curculating through the engine and keeping it cool. Water should come out the exhaust outlet at the prop and through the pissers in the back. If the water is flowing correct it will keep the tuned pipe, cylinders and head cool. If that goes ok take it to the lake leave it strapped to the trailer and run it. Water should come out the pissers and the engine should stay cool.

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