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    550sx Not Getting Fuel

    Hey Guys,

    I've got a problem I'm sure some of you have encountered before. I just bought a 91 (with reed motor) kawi 550sx. It's got a factory pipe, waterbox, impeller, ride plate, intake grate, and some other misc aftermarket stuff. It was also completely rebuilt last year. (aside from the carb) The guy I bought it from claimed it ran great all last summer. Unfortunately it hasn't for me.

    When I first fired it up, it ran great and I ran it around for about 10 min on the lake. Then it started to bog and then it would randomly get a power surge and then bog down again. This went on for most of the day. It finally died and I was unable to restart it. I got it back and noticed there was water on the plugs. I also found that the primer was ingesting water at the finger pump. (maybe have caused some of the symptoms?) I replaced that and it still wouldn't start. It rumbled off starting fluid so I knew it was fuel related. I checked the pressure in the lines and it seemed to be fine. In the process of checking the lines, (blowing into the return line) I noticed that there was WATER in the gas lines. I continued to blow into the return line until I had straight fuel again. Hooked it back up and she fired over and ran great. I dumped it in the lake. Idled fine, then bogged and died. Got it back to the house and I re-primed the fuel lines by blowing into the return line and it ran great again for about 3 minutes and then died. Somewhere, somehow, its not getting fuel. I can hear the motor lean out right before it dies. I also hooked a line up straight from the tank to the carb and I still had the same problem. I've got a carb rebuild kit on the way. (Keihin CDK II) Fuel pump diaphragm?? Issues with the tank??

    Also, any tips on rebuilding the carb? Specific issues to look for?

    I would really like to get this issue resolved before the weekend. Hopefully some of you guys can help me out. Thanks!


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    Anybody??? I also checked the gas cap for leaks - all good. The pulse line also feels strong.


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    Put some iso-heat in the tank! Because standups always get waterrin the fuel

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