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    2007 gp1300r overheat sensor beeps...any ideas?

    i have a 2007 gp1300r which runs like a mechanical problems but ever since i changed my cat to a d-plate the sensor beeps everytime i turn the ski on so i have to silence it by pressing the button. but it does not overheat or anything...ive ridden like this for months with no problems. i tried my friends sensor chip and it still beeps. any ideas?

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    Welcome to the forum!
    Pull up a chair and read thru yamaha how tos and Faqs and ???...
    a quick search showed>
    The chips for the earlier model GPR`s have a different value. when removing your cat housing exhaust temp sensor, you`ll also need a plug and copper or aluminum gasket in it`s place. that info is also readily avail here...

    You are off to a good start by telling us your year, model and a description of your issue!

    Cruise around the site and get to know the good people here!

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