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    Help... Engine won't turn over

    I recently picked up a 2002 Polaris Virage on a bartering deal. The previous owner stated it will need a new starter. Before I ran out to purchase a new starter I for some reason decided to see if the starter may have been locked up or something. The statrer seemed to engage, but the battery was low. So I removed the cover where the flywheel and starter gears are. I'm not able to turn the fly wheel manually at all, even with pressure.

    Q; Should this flywheel turn easily or is something locked up. I included a couple photos.

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    not real easy but it should move remove the pump and see if it turns

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    I was able to disengage to the starter from the flywheel. The flywheel now turns freely from (based on a clock) 12:00 to the 2:30 back and forth. Is this normal?

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