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    Smaller Sit Downs

    Hey I just bought an 800 SXR, and am also looking into getting a new sit down jet ski. I've looked at all the the 3 manufacturere, Kawis, Yamaha and Seadoo and the one thing I've noticed is that all they seem to make are 3 seaters anymore. My friend has two Kawis from 2000/2001 and they are listed as 2 person, yet they are really short and turn sharpy and are almost like a long 1 person. Is there anything in the market that is similar to that now, becuase even some of the seadoos that are listed as 2 prsons I've seen in person and are just as long as 3 seaters. If there are none that are that small I am confused as to why they would have stopped making them, I'd think there be a market for people who wanted shorter skis that handled better.

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    I'm with ya, I don't want a barge. However, the bigger ones apparently ride a lot better in choppy water.

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    look at a hydro space sit down with an sxr800 engine in it. there like a new kawi x2 800 hehe

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    sorry i didnt mean to say hydro space i meant kawasaki 2006-2008 x2

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