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    2001 900 stx drive shaft bearings leak...ugh PLZHLP

    Hey guys so the 4 bolt drive shaft bearing plate is leaking pretty bad. Ive determined this by filling the hull with water (just over the shaft and bolts) and it leaked down to that point. So i ordered a new assembly on ebay(i ordered the entire thing pre-assembled). So here is my question........whats the easiest way to get it in there? Do i have to lift the engine? can i slide the engine forward? do i even have to remove the engine? has anyone done this before... ??? PLZZZ HELP

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    engine up, slide the shaft forward and remove the brg carrier and replace.

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    Mike thanx for your reply. Is there anywhere on here or online kinda showing how to tackle this? But ok engine is coming out then pull the entire drive shaft out and then replace bearing/seal then.

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    no links i know of, loosen the hose clamps for the exhaust @ waterbox and remove motor mount bolts, lift engine forward and pull shaft.

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    Will do thanx mike. I will post after I get this done next week. I will try to also make a video to help anyone else with a leaking drive shaft seal.

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    So engines up and shaft is out but should I replace the drive shaft also because the "grooves" in the shaft are worn down smooth and maybe this is why it's leaking through the seal.?

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    Some equipment has a long bore for the seal, so you can move the seal slightly to hit in a different place. (I don't think Kawasaki does this). Or, you can get the driveshaft coated and re-ground to give a better sealing surface. Or, you might just get it ground to a smaller diameter and hope that it seals. Or, you could try it like it is.

    Oh, yea, another thing you might do is remove the seal and take it to a bearing supply place. Get a double lip seal for it. This would probably be the best thing to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmagsz View Post
    So engines up and shaft is out but should I replace the drive shaft also because the "grooves" in the shaft are worn down smooth and maybe this is why it's leaking through the seal.?
    are you saying the shaft splines are worn down ? post a pic !

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    Hey guys so I'm in the middle of putting this thing back togather and it seem like the drive shaft won't slide all the way back in. It seem to be out about half inch, so when I try to line up the motor mount bolts they just miss lining up. Ugh is there a certain way the shaft has to slide back into the prop? When I turn the shaft the prop turns and I can feel it slide into place. I used the original shaft- which looks fine... Ugh I'm tryin to get this thing back together plz help me!!!

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    Nvrmnd I got it but she still leaks!

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