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    Unhappy newbie with warning light issue

    I have searched for symptoms to maybe figure out my issue on my own but i have not had any luck. After about maybe 20 minutes of riding and around 50 or so (which is what it said on the onboard speedo) the warning light started to blink and and a beeping alarm sounded. Ski didnt bog down or anything thing, nor did any warning symbols pop up. i turned it off, waited a few minutes and decided to give it another try. All ran good for another 20 minutes or so then the same thing happened, and one of the symbols started to flash, however i got nervous and turned the machine right off before i got a good look at it. I waited another 10 min or so started it up and took it easy not making it over 40mph for rest of my 60 minute ride home and no issues. I was thinking possibly something with the exhaust temps, however these are just guesses and this is my first ski. Thanks for any help in advance.

    And the ski is a 2006 gpr1300, with about 37 hours on it

    Thanks again

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    Hold down the button on the display until a number code comes up. When it does you will have your answer. Do a search for GPR engine codes, It may even be a sticky I forget.
    Most likely one of you temp sensors it sounds like.

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    thanks alot. i will be down by the ski tomorrow so i will figure it out then.

    thanks again

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    well i finally made it down by the ski and brought it home, the code that popped up was 01 after holding the button down. i tried to search for a list of codes but couldn't find anything. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    probably cat temp... you have a D-plate in there yet?

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    No not yet. I was planing on doing it, but I wanted to address this issue first before doing anything else. The ski seems to run fine, if the cat went wouldn't their be any performance type issues as well?

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