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    Bypass and Washer mod not working

    Just recently istalled the bypass and my rpms dont go over 7740 and tried the washer mod and that didnt work either....throttle is good it hits the stop ....any ideas would be great

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    Did you gps your ski ? Was it hitting the speed limiter in stock form ?
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    hot here too, with the bypass only getting a tad over 7900....

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    when the limiter is in the rpms only go 7600. if you are 7900 consistent i think it is working .

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    Montana on the river water temp is 77 and air temp is 85 ...not much humidity..did a down stream test with 3 mph current got 77mph with gps ...up stream i got 73 and then 71....guess its working ...just wondering y others r getting 8150 with about the same temps or hotter.. and i m stuck at 7800 tops

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    Weather is a big big factor... Fuel quality,hot water, hot air, and hell humidity will rob you RPM.
    I live in tropical island and will barely hit 7600-7700 RPM... unless let fresh air coming in.

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