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    03 gtx 4tec motor the same as 04 rxp?

    The motor in my 04 rxp spun a rod bearing the end of last year. I bought a moto out of an 03 gtx thinking they are the same motor. I know the rxp is 215 hp and the gtx is 185 but i was told the motor is the same its the supercharger, injection and programing that was differant. I put it in and it runs mint but the ski will only go 62-64. The xcharger is new and was running fine last year. I put a boost gauge on it and it runs about 7-8 at wot. Is there a differance in the motors?

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    ok so i see the compression ratio is differant. so is it in the heads or the pistons? I will do more resreach

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    Cast pistons in the 185, forged in the 215. Probably other differences as well.

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    Believe it is just the pistons and flywheel gear that are different on the shortblock. Only difference in the head assembly i believe is the cam.

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    I may be wrong, but i thought the cam was the same

    Although you asked for the engine specifically, the difference in the skis are as follows:

    Fuel pressure regulator
    Double row gear/ flywheel
    Wear ring
    Oem intercooler/air intake manifold

    Some are concerned with the cast pistons, but there are several members running the cast pistons at 8100 with no reported problems for a while now.

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    185 pistons are 8:1 and 215 are 8:4:1 compression ratio also what jp said

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